Our Philosophy

Ida Karayan PsyD, LMFT, CBT Philosophy

I named my business to reflect my chief goal: to create Healthy Souls and Happy Families. How this is achieved varies from patient to patient, as each person has unique traits and personalities, but my years of schooling and practice make me adept at finding the best way to reach each patient.

Therapy is a sacred ground where life’s greatest journey, within oneself, takes place. It is an honor and privilege to take part in my clients’ inner journey. As a bioenergetics psychotherapist, I focus both on the mind and the body of my clients to help them through their journey. I approach therapy from collaborative and integrative standpoint, believing that mind, body, and soul are all connected.

Helping Patients Discover Themselves

I believe that self-image and relationships are deeply influenced by childhood experiences. Some of the beliefs formed during those early years can interfere with the healthy development of who we are meant to be. Couples counseling, family therapy, and child psychologist sessions in my Los Angeles office reveal patients’ deepest fears, regrets, and secrets, and then work to overcome these hardships.

Focusing within ourselves, confronting past wounds, and fighting for truth can result in a deeper, fuller, and richer life. I walk with my clients through that journey with gentleness, support, and a deep sense of respect. If you are ready to take the first step towards your new life, please feel free to contact me today.